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FD&C Blue #2

FD&C Blue #2

Product Code: blue50
Enhance the visual appeal of your nutritional tablets and products with our FD&C Blue #2 Food Coloring. This high-quality blue food coloring ensures a consistent and vibrant hue, making your products stand out. Trusted by professionals, it's the perfect choice for nutritional supplement manufacturers.

Versatile and Easy to Use:

Our FD&C Blue #2 is incredibly versatile and easy to incorporate into your tablet, supplement, or nutritional product formulations. It blends effortlessly, ensuring a consistent, vibrant color that will remain stable throughout the product's shelf life. Whether you're making chewable vitamins, mineral supplements, or any other nutritional products, our FD&C Blue #2 will seamlessly integrate into your manufacturing process.

Consumer-Friendly and FDA-Approved:

FD&C Blue #2 is recognized by the FDA as a safe and consumer-friendly food colorant. It meets the highest industry standards, and its widespread use in the food and pharmaceutical industry demonstrates its trustworthiness and dependability.

Product CodeNameUSDQty
Product Code:blue50-0001FD&C Blue #2 - 50 gramUSD:$18.99
Product Code:blue50-0003FD&C Blue #2 - 250 gramUSD:$89.99
Product Code:blue50-0004FD&C Blue #2 - 454 gram (1 lb)USD:$156.99