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Excipients for Pharmaceutical Production

Excipients are great when used along with active ingredients in pharmaceutical production. Some active ingredients are very potent. Using excipients like magnesium stearate & microcrystalline cellulose can dilute the potency, enhance the drug absorption, and more. Whatever your needs, we have the excipient for your production here. Adhere to pharmaceutical regulations by using the correct excipients to reduce or enhance the formulation of your products.

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Copovidone USP 1kg
USD: $129.00
Copovidone USP 50g
USD: $15.00
Croscarmellose Sodium NF 1kg
USD: $65.00
Croscarmellose Sodium NF 50g
USD: $8.99
Dextrates NF 1kg
USD: $59.00
FD&C Blue #1 250g
USD: $129.00
FD&C Blue #1 50g
USD: $29.00
FD&C Blue #2 250g
USD: $129.00
FD&C Blue #2 50g
USD: $29.00
FD&C Green Blend 250g
USD: $129.00